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One on one Tailor-Made Class
· One on one Tailor-Made Class


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One on one Tailor-Made Class
  • Target: Kindergarten to Secondary
  • Duration: Depends
  • Subejcts: English Language, Chinese Language, Special Examination*and Interview, Putonghua speaking and Pinyin
  • *Special Examination includes:
  • English: Cambridge YLE, Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE)
  • Putonghua: GAPSK, KPCC, PSC

·One on one private teaching
·Teaching resources are designed based on local curriculum and schools
·Teaching content is according to student’s learning progress



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  • Recommended for 22mths or above
  • 1.5 hours
  • MOI: Trilingual (English, Putonghua and Cantonese)

MOMO Pre-Nursery is designed for children who are ready to take on the challenges of pre-school. Each month, we base our classroom theme and learning activities on the local curriculum in Hong Kong kindergartens. The class aims to further develop your child's development in independence, communication, social and motor skills, and emotional stability. Our program is interactive, child-sensitive, and play-based, which will prepare children for their kindergarten studies.

The classes include: Develop classroom routines, Exercise Routine, Creative, Sensory and Heuristic Exploration, Snack Time, Literacy Learning and Group time.

· Oxford Reading Tree Class
· MOMO PHONICS (Letterland Phonics)
· Speaking Class
· GAPSK Putonghua Examination Class
· Putonghua Speaking Class


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Oxford Reading Tree Class
  • Level 1: N-K1
  • Level 2: K2
  • Level 3: K3
  • Duration: 1 hr

·Focuses on listening, speaking and reading
·Adopts HKU Story approach to integrated learning
·Thematic approach with theme stories and related activities

  • Level 1 (alphabet sound||simple blending |handwriting skills)
  • Level 2 (segmenting & blending|digraph|vocabularies building|reading)
  • Level 3 (blending|trigraph|Irregular vowels|Word & sentence building)
  • Duration: 1 hr
  • *Letterland is a well-know British synthetic phonics system

·Taught shapes and sounds of letters by imaginary characters and stories
·Taught by qualified and experienced Letterland teachers
·Multi-sensory appraoch for teaching children to read, write and spell. (sing and dance, story reading, movement tricks, worksheet)
·Placement exams

Speaking Class
  • Level 1: N-K1
  • Level 2: K2
  • Level 3: K3
  • Duration: 1hr

·Thematic and interactive approach
·Taught useful vocabularies, sentences and practical daily life English expressions
·Taught through diverse and interesting games and activities
·Help student to speak fluently, emphasize pronunciation, intonation and expressions

GAPSK Putonghua Examination ClassGAPSK
  • LEVEL 1: N-K1
  • LEVEL 2: K2
  • LEVEL 3: K3
  • Duration: 1hr

·Listening and Speaking training
·Curriculum is designed according to GAPSK
·Pinyin skills and improved presentation using PTH
·Placement exam
*we have PTH Speech class (individual/ group)

Putonghua Speaking Class
  • LEVEL 1: N-K1
  • LEVEL 2: K2
  • LEVEL 3: K3
  • Duration: 1hr

·Thematic approach, covering a wide range of daily life topics and themes
·Covered a range of areas, from vocabulary and sentence building to oral practice, story reading, poetry and reading
·Include interesting activities like oral discussion, story reading, singing, interactive games and activities, and arts & crafts

· Chinese Class
· Primary Putonghua Class
· Tutorial Class

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Chinese Class
  • LEVEL 1: Chinese Literacy Class
  • LEVEL 2: Chinese Reading and Writing Class
  • LEVEL 3: Chinese Reading and Writing Class
  • Duration: 1hr
  • Language: Cantonese

Primary Putonghua Class
  • LEVEL 1: P1-3
  • LEVEL 2: P4-6
  • Duration: 1hr

·Lessons are designed according to Hong Kong’s Putonghua curriculum
·Listening and Speaking Training
·Pinyin Training and teach grammar usage
·Learn through reading, speech, picture talk, songs, role-play

Tutorial Class
  • Target: P1-P6
  • Duration: 2hours
  • Language: Cantonese
Enrichment Courses
· Interview Class
· ATTENTION PLEASE! (Attention Enhancement Class)
· MOMO Chef (Cooking Class)

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Interview Class
  • K1 Interview Class
  • P1 Interview Class
  • Duration:1hour
  • Language: Cantonese

·Manners and etiquette training
·Interview questions training
·Strengthen obedience, discipline, and response to commands
·Improve social performance
·Increase knowledge, autonomy and problem-solving skills
·Raise self-esteem and ability to face unfamiliar surroundings

ATTENTION PLEASE! (Attention Enhancement Class)
  • Target: 3 yrs old or above
  • Duration:1 hr
  • Language: Cantonese

·Focuses on Visual and Hearing Attention
·Train sustained attention, divided attention, alternating attention, selective attention and creativity.
·Use games, activities and worksheets
·Train through assessment and practices

MOMO Chef (Cooking Class)
  • Target: 3-7 yrs old
  • Duration: 1 hr
  • 1 hour
  • Language: Eng/Can/Man

·Flameless cooking with different dishes each week
·Incorporate subject matters into cooking
·Immerse in a second language environment naturally during cooking
·Develop a sense of appreciation towards food