At MOMOKING, the best gift we can offer to our children is the Joy of Learning through play. We bring together a wide spectrum of play and activity based programmes to inspire toddlers, kindergarten and primary school children to explore, think, create and learn.

Come and join us at MOMOKING to let your children develop themselves in multidimension through our fun learning activities!

Approach to Learning and Teaching
  2. SAIL (Story Approach to Integrated Learning)
    English curriculum designed based on the well-known Oxford Story Tree.
MOMOKING’s approach to learning and teaching is play-based and activity-based learning.
Learning through play is a child-centred approach, which promotes children’s active participation. The NAEYC (2009) attached great importance of play in influencing child’s development and learning. Stated in the Hong Kong Guide to Pre-primary curriculum (2006), through play, it helps to promotes children’s physical, intellectual, social, creative, thinking abilities, as well as their physical and mental development. Most importantly, it is through play, children could experience the surroundings and environment with joy and fun.

Apart from that, our language curriculum is based on the interesting stories from Oxford Story Tree. We construct an integrated play and activity-based curriculum, to bring out themes and learning activities. Through the journey of SAIL, it is hope to embrace the significance of reading, enhance children's literacy learning with emergent literacy and whole language approach (Li, 2007).
Team Profile
"Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn."
~ Benjamin Franklin
Teachers play an integral role in children's learning. A good teacher explains and teaches, but a great teacher will inspire and motivate. At Momoking, we believe that great teachers should be part of every child's life to encourage them to transform into the best person they can be. That's why we only look for those people who will be great teachers for our great children. Our goal is to make every child and parent's experience at Momoking a life transforming experience.
Here at Momoking our highly qualified team has extended experience not only in educating children, but caring for children as well. We share a belief that our role is to not just be a teacher, but to embody all of the following roles to our children, our parents, and ourselves: